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  • South Beach

  • Les bâtiments Art Deco sur Ocean Drive

  • Ballade en roller sur la digue

  • Le Mansion, le bar le plus branché de SoBe

  • South Beach

  • Downtown Miami

  • Les bâtiments Art Deco

  • La Venitian Pool

  • Villa de star à South Beach

  • Architecture Art Déco

  • South Beach

  • Le club de Nikki Beach

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Miami is one of those iconic American cities that you already know even before you get there. It is a must for any backpacker passing through Florida. Sun, beach and trendy clubs… its relaxed atmosphere during the day and lively at night will make you extend your stay :-)

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The atmosphere is mostly in South Beach (SoBe). While Miami has a bad security reputation, this is not the case of SoBe where you can walk safely. Walk in the busy streets of the city: Lincoln Road, Washington Avenue, Espanola Way and of course the Ocean Drive overlooking the sea. You will come across rollerblading bodybuilders, old American cars or Art Deco buildings in pastel colors.

Spend a little time on its beautiful beach with turquoise water. Take a picture with a lifeguard in its art deco observation posts ! You’ll notice that the girls do not hesitate to wear bikinis with thongs, and are sometimes even topless.

Don’t miss in Miami Downtown and neighborhood :

  • A walk in Downtown Miami, its business district, its shops and tall buildings.
  • “The most beautiful pool in the world” , the Venetian Pool and the chic neighborhood of Coral Gables.
  • The Cuban neighborhood of Little Havana

When to go in Miami ?

I went to Miami once in October and again in December, and every time the weather was beautiful , with 28 ° C! In December, at the approach of Christmas, you can enjoy a beautifully decorated city with illuminated palm trees that makes everything so magic.

Where to stay in Miami ?

I strongly recommend the YOUNG TRAVELERS INTERNATIONAL HOSTEL, very well located in South Beach, 2 minutes walk from the beach. First of all, it’s cheap (we paid $ 23 per person for a private apartment, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included !). You can also take a dormitory. Well, of course, the food is not very consistent and you will have to complete your meal by eating somewhere else, but it ‘s free food anyway. But the real reason why this hostel is inevitable, is for the nightlife ! A staff member, tall blond and tanned surfer as we imagine, takes people every night in a different trendy club from Miami. We arrived there on the day of the reopening of the Cameo, and thanks to the hostel, we were able to get in as VIP for $ 5 with free drinks until 1am ! We could enter before the normal customers who were queuing for hours !

In which restaurants to eat in Miami ?

All trendy restaurants are located on Ocean Blvd, the main street in bustling waterfront. Restaurants usually offer performances and many cocktails.

Take a ride in the Cuban neighborhood of Little Havanah. We ate there but were not especially impressed with the Cuban food. But the amounts of food were huge !

If you miss French food, go to the Café des Arts, a French restaurant that offers a menu for about $ 25 (starter, main course, dessert and wine). At the time, the waitress, who was French, was especially friendly and the chef decided to give us a second bottle free of charge!

Just outside of Miami , go to Cici ‘s Pizza ! It is not easy to find but we’ve been rewarded with a warm welcome. Say you come from Belgium or France and you may, like us, get the buffet for free ! And besides, it’s very good. Note that even if you did not get it for free, it is only $ 5 at the normal price !

nightlife in Miami : where to go out ?

SoBe (South Beach) is THE PLACE TO BE! There are many legendary clubs frequented by American stars and biggest DJs. The two most famous clubs are:

  • The Mansion is really trendy. Huge, with several different environments but overpriced drinks ($ 12 vodka). The night we went, the DJ was Joachim Garraud. With the hostel, admission is only $ 5.
  • Nikki Beach is also a must, with a small dance floor inside and a large outdoor with four-poster beds, huts and comfortable sofas… all of a pristine white ! Perfect for a quiet evening (we were there on Sunday, so it’s probably busier on weekends).
  • The Cameo.

Where to go after Miami?

  • The Everglades, tropical national park where you can cross the alligators :-)
  • The Keys, a group of islands at the tip of Florida.
  • Bahamas :-)


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