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You’ll find on this page all our travel tips to visit Luxembourg for cheap ! We currently live in Luxembourg City, the capital of this small country situated between France, Belgium and Germany, well known for its many banks, its wages and its European institutions. It is also a cultural city full of charms and green where it is pleasant to walk, although it may take a day only to visit it or a weekend. Its old town is listed on the UNESCO heritage. Despite the multicultural culture that you will find in Luxembourg, local specialties are present everywhere in the city: its language, the Luxembourgish, its few specialties, and its beer. You should know that the majority of residents and workers in Luxembourg come from neighboring countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and Italy, which significantly influence its culture.
Despite its small size, Luxembourg has a good nightlife, lively and quite international.

What to VISIT in luxembourg?

  • The city center and the Place d’Armes, where the locals get together to enjoy the terraces when there are is sunshine (rarely).
  • Have a walk in the typical old downtown district near the Grand Ducal Palace. During the day you will see a guard in front of the palace. Look for a moment at the stones that make up the building, they are all beautifully engraved. Scroll down a little further down the street, walk along the shops across the street and look up. You notice something? Through the magic of an optical illusion, the golden heads on the top of the posts will follow you with their eyes, you can look anywhere you go and they still watch you ! That’s pretty impressive!
  • Place Guillaume is a quite busy place during the summer, many beautiful celebrations in the city take place there as concerts, markets always with food stalls and local alcohol.
  • A walk down to get the Grund
  • Grund or lower town, a bit like a small village in the center of this capital-city. You will be enchanted by this beautiful setting. It’s not very big but we like the atmosphere of the place.
  • Museums: Mudam (modern art), the History Museum
  • The financial district of Kirchberg, again and again in expansion: the modern building of the Philharmonic, the museum Mudam

MOVING around IN THE CITY of Luxembourg

The bus is the easiest way to move around in Luxembourg. They are very regular except on Sunday. Take the bus to the city center (stop Hamilius) or to Kirchberg. A ticket costs 2 € and is valid for 2 hours. You quickly notice that nothing is cheap here in Luxembourg. You can find more information on the website Mobiliteit.lu

Leave your car in the parking lot if possible because the traffic jam are very common in Luxembourg city. The buses have a special tape and move faster in general. More parking lots downtown are super expensive.

Taxis are super expensive too, take a taxi across town will cost at least € 20 for not even 5 minutes ride.

Take a drink and nightlife in Luxembourg

The nice places for a drink and for the nightlife in Luxembourg are not lacking. The bars are also filled during the week on Wednesday and Thursday night for afterwork. There are essentially two neighborhoods to go out in the evening:

- The streets near the Grand Ducal Palace, where you can go from bar to bar in a very international atmosphere. For a drink of good music and meet international crowd, visit the legendary Urban and Tube. This is our favorite :-)  We also like Bananas, it is often filled, and afterwork Thursday nights are quite popular, the Palace in the city center, the Go Ten across the street also offers a assortment of Asian finger food,  and if you are looking for a more unusual decoration, you will enjoy the Chiggeri. Also, the Rebelos has a special atmosphere quite dark with large armchairs. Don’t miss the Steiner for its rock atmosphere and its great decoration.  For a Latin feel, go to El Campanero. More posh place is the Palace where people gather before going to nightclubs. And late evening, when all the other bars close, everyone goes to the Apotheca, a restaurant the day but turns into hot disco in the night! Be careful because they don’t let anybody get in, you need to be with some girls or properly dressed.

- Les Rives de Clausen, the old industrial warehouses which have become a festive street filled with bars, clubs and restaurants. You will find the IKKI, a posh dancing bar ; VERSO is frequented by young people aged 16 to 20 years essentially, the King Wilma bar for its prehistoric decoration which population is much older (28-35 years) or the LIFE BAR, which is rather a nice enough club and frequented by locals. To get there, there are shuttle buses every 10 minutes from Wednesday to Saturday, which depart from Glacis (big parking 2 minutes from the bus stop Pescator Foundation)

- You can also try the pubs of Hollerich, including the Marx and the Lab’s.

- In the early evening, we advise you the Tramway in the district Limpersberg (small appetizers will be offered : planchas with cheese or ham or varied Flamekuches).

You will find nightclubs in the city center, there is also the Magnum, ByPass (poshy) or White (that last one is crowed with rich locals from 15 to 19 years old). At the bottom of the street Hollerich, near the train station you will find the M Club, a very large nightclub frequented by a rich crowd.
And if you have a car, you can try the Boos Cafe, a restaurant in the woods which turns into disco at the weekend.

WHERE TO EAT in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg specialties are especially popular at local events and are not found in restaurants, for example the delicious Mettwurst (to taste), a smoked sausage, or the Grillwurst, formerly known as the Turringen, a white sausage. You can take  gromperekichelcher with it, potato fries with onions cooked in oil (fat but very good). Do not bite off more than you can chew, it fulfills the stomach in general.

To taste the Mettwurst in restaurants, then choose the local specialty: Bouneschlupp, a delicious soup with potatoes, mettwurst and green beans which can be a main dish.

Best and cheapest restaurants in Luxembourg

Note that restaurants in Luxembourg are really expensive compared to the rest of Europe. You can’t have a dish with for less than 18 €.

  • The best burgers in town are at Maybe not Bob’s, an Irish pub near the banks of Clausens (107, Rue de la Tour Jacob).
  • Mousel’s Cantine offers Luxembourg and French specialties, it’s in Clausen (Montée de Clausen 46)
  • Bosso offers the Luxembourg and German food
  • In the city center the Bay of Bengal is a nice Indian and Thai restaurant. It does not look good from outside but the small room in the back of the restaurant is beautifully decorated. The dishes are quite expensive.
  • Coyote cafe next to the cinema Utopolis in Kirchrberg has great burgers and mexican food! Take fajitas !
  • The Darna, a good Moroccan restaurant. We recommend the kefta and beef tagine! Too good!
  • The Chocolate House
  • A great Italian restaurant Porta Nova, book a place on the terrace in sunny days, because it has a beautiful terrace behind the building.
  • The Seppl looks like a canteen serving Bavarian food and German beer as Fransiskaner.
  • If you are broke, eat at Banana’s, a bar that also cook international food and is not too expensive (12 €). You will not find the Luxembourgish specialties but good burgers.
  • And for sushis, the best place is for sure the Golden Chopsticks, but its not in the city center, you have to take a bus. It’s very cheap (15€ for 20 sushis !), and there is a “all you can eat” lunch every day for 13€ ! The waiters are really nice, they bring you a lot of free suff, like an appero, then an appetizer for free, some new sushis to taste and a digestive at the end. It’s really good value !


To stay in Luxembourg you will not have much choice because there is only one hostel. As everything is quite expensive in Luxembourg do not expect cheap prices. The hostel is located in the ground 2, rue du Fort Olisy.

Travel Around Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland Echternach
  • The medieval castle of Vianden


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  1. Le Bourbon /

    Nous sommes un jeune RESTAURANT sur pétange, nous défendons les produits du terroir luxembourgeois et de la grande RÉGION. nous sommes cuisinier passionner et un sommelier toujours a la découverte de petites merveilles viticole au luxembourg et en france
    je souhaiterai savoir comment peut- on se faire connaitre sur le luxembourg merci de votre attention et de votre aide
    restaurant le bourbon

    • Celine Delacharlerie /

      Bonjour! Nous ne recommandons que les restaurants que nous avons testé et qui nous ont plu sur notre site. Nous n’habitons justement pas très loin, à Hespérange. Si vous le souhaitez nous pouvons venir tester votre menu.
      Bien à vous,
      Céline & Coralie

  2. ludine /

    j’ai decouvert depuis 1 mois le kathy’s cupcakery rue de strasbourg. le concept est super. ils preparent et vendent des cupcakes a deguster sur place ou a emporter ainsi qu’un lunch tous les midis du lundi au samedi avec salades et sandwichs.sans oublier un fabuleux cheesecake newyorkais compter environs 2.95€ les cupcakes et environs 9.95€ les salades. ce sont les meilleurs cupcakes de la ville !

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