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  • Sveti Jovan - Kaneo

  • Le lac d'Ohrid

  • La forteresse d'Ohrid

  • Vue sur le lac depuis la forteresse d'Ohrid

  • Kuba Libre Beach

  • La magnifique église Sveti Klmient i Panteljmon

  • Coucher de soleil sur Grabice Beach

  • La rue commerçante d'Ohrid

  • Promenade le long du lac d'Ohrid

  • L'amphithéâtre

  • La fontaine en centre-ville

  • Sveti Jovan à Kaneo

  • Centre-ville d'Ohrid

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Ohrid is a pearl of the Balkans, with the great advantage of being still preserved from mass tourism and really cheap ! An amazing spot surrounding a lake of the same name with crystalline blue water. Its small Byzantine churches, narrow streets, small pebble beaches… this was definitely one of the highlights of our trip in the Balkans. This is the resort destination of Macedonia  the city and its lake are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. It really is worth going that far !

how to go to Ohrid?

The city is not easily accessible from the south (Thessaloniki), but easily accessible from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, by bus or train.

From Thessaloniki, take a bus to Florina (No. 9) at Intercity Terminal. Then you either take a taxi from Florina to Bitola to cross the border, or you can try the hitchhiking as us, but it is very difficult. We had to wait an hour because there are tensions between Greek and Macedonian people and therefore it is not easy to cross the border. From Bitola, you cross Resen to finally arrive in Ohrid. You can admire the Prespa lake between Resen and Ohrid.

Budget in Macedonia

In Macedonia, there is way to have fun for really cheap ! The price of food varies between 150 and 200 MKD (Macedonian Dinar), that is to say € 2 and 3, but in the more touristy places (in front of the “sea” for example), it can go up to 10 – € 15.

The exchange rate is € 1 = 61.61 MKD.

What to eat in Macedonia and which restaurants?

In addition to the usual food of the Balkans, there are few special dishes from Macedonia  : read our article about the Macedonian cuisine to know what you shouldn’t miss.

Where to stay in Ohrid?

We chose the Sunny Lake Hostel, not easy to find in the old city and its labyrinth of streets. There is a small terrace where all backpackers meet in the evening to discuss over a beer (you can buy beers in the hostel, but they are also available in supermarkets BEFORE 21H). The owner was very friendly and gave us good advice.

What to do in Ohrid?

  • Walking through the peaceful and steep streets of the old town .
  • Come up to the Fortress, you pass through a small Byzantine church perched on a cliff surrounded by the lake: the ideal place to take a special picture! It’s called Sveti Jovan at Kaneo. Then you pass the ancient ruins of churches to reach the magnificent church Sveti Klmient i Panteljmon. They now build a university on the same site!
  • Do not miss the amphitheater during your walk .
  • Go have a drink in one of the bars of the beach Kuba Libre, with sofas in front of the lake.
  • Spend some time at the beach, but they are all pebble beaches, and those of the center are really crowded. It is better to go a little off on Gravice beach. This beach is for young people with clubs, bars, music, and a little less touristy.
  • Take the boat to Sveti Naum. Stop first at the village Trpeytsa. It is an ancient Neolithic village which was rebuilt entirely on stilts, this is really beautiful. Sveti Naum not worth it in itself, the village is known for its monastery but is quickly visited. The boat trip is DEFINITELY worth it, you’re going to be impressed. We paid € 5, but it was a great price, this is normally € 10, leaving in the morning at 1:30pm and 7pm.
  • Paragliding is only 50 € (5-10 minutes in the air). The view is amazing ! You can find information in a small office near the church Sveta Bogorodica Bolnièka.
  • Take a walk at the popular market, for the atmosphere, and buy sirenje cheese there!
  • Buy Ohrid pearls in one of the many jewelery shopping street.


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  1. carfantan loic /

    quel est l’ordre de prix d’un taxi à skopje svp ?

    • Celine Delacharlerie /

      Salut Loic ! Désolé, on ne s’est pas arrêté à Skopje. On n’a aucune idée de l’ordre de prix, mais la Macédoine nous a semblé vraiment bon marché en général, donc ça ne devrait pas être énorme :-)

  2. Leslie /

    petite question, nous serons à Ohrid et en Macédoine en novembre 2016, est ce que le pays vaux la peine d’être visiter à cet époqUE LA?

    • Celine Delacharlerie /

      Bonjour Leslie! Excellente destination! Nous y étions plutôt pendant l’été mais je pense que la Macédoine doit être superbe également en novembre! Bien sûr, avec une température moyenne maximale de 10 degrés, il ne fera pas assez chaud pour les activités plages, mais ce n’est pas l’intérêt principal du pays d’autant que ce sont des plages de galets, donc ce n’est vraiment pas grave :) Ca ne vous empêchera pas de profiter des beautés de la vieille ville !

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