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Namur is a peaceful small town where it is especially nice to chill out. We have lived there for some years so you can definitely trust our advise about the place :-)   Stroll through the old town, go up the citadel and take a walk along the Sambre.
The town is very small so you can walk around by foot and see pretty much of it in one day.

What to visit in Namur ?

Do not miss the Place d’Armes where you can find the symbol of the city (and it is not the statues of characters Djosef & Francwes but the snails) and the Tour du Beffroi, the theater, the Place Saint Aubain and its cathedral, the Place du Marché and of course the citadel.

Also take a tour of Namourette (the small boats) to see the city from the Meuse and Sambre.

Shopping in Namur

  • A large market is held every Saturday morning
  • For shopping, you will find all the usual brands (H & M, Zara …) on the Rue de Fer, the main street of the city. For luxury brands (Ralph Lauren …), go on the Rue de Bruxelles, the street perpendicular to the street Rue de Fer. Finally, for the small boutiques, choose the pedestrian streets around the “Place du Marché au Légume”.

WHERE TO EAT in Namur?

There are some unmissable in Namur: the Saint-Loup, the Passé Simple, the Cava, the Charbonade and Cat’s!

  • A fondue with her six sauces, fries and salad… all you can eat… That’s only in Saint Loup! Open daily from 6pm-10:30pm and Sunday 11am-10:30pm.  Every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon, the St Loup offers musical entertainment. Good advice: avoid these days! The musical entertainment will appeal more to your grandparents :-)
    Earlier in the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), fondues are only for 13 € (17 € on the other days).
  • The Passé Simple is a very cheap and good quality restaurant. It is usually served very quickly.
  • La Cava (Rue de la Monnaie 20) is the best Italian restaurant in town. In addition, the atmosphere is very nice even if it is well hidden and if it does not look from the outside! It is located in an ancient vaulted cellar, absolutely beautiful.
  • Cat’s Corner (Place Chanoine Descamps 10),  junk food but so good! Take a Cat’s : it’s a bread filled with french fries and with a typical meat from “Belgian friteries” (poulicroc, fricandelle, hamburger …).
  • The Charbonnade Angus is a nice restaurant in the old district (Place Chanoine Descamps, No. 14, nearly opposite the Passé Simple) where you can eat delicious barbecue that you cook yourself on a hot plate in the middle of the table. They also serve delicious Mexican specialties like fajitas!


To taste the delicious Belgian chocolate, go to the Maison des Desserts. And if you’re more ice cream or Liège waffles, choose Glace Mania!


Unfortunately the policy of the city wants cafes to close at 1am, so Namur becomes a bit of a ghost town at night, except during the week in the student district. However, if you are not a student, you can not get into some bars / clubs that are reserved for them (Bunker and dancing in the parking lot of Sciences-Eco).

There are still some nice bars to spend the early evening:

  • Boulevard du Rhum, cocktails and summer atmosphere (Rue des Fosses Bloom 36)
  • Le Bouffon du Roi, its special beers and board games (60 Rue de Bruxelles)
  • Cafes at the “Place du Marché au Légumes” in the summer, when the terraces extend all over the place …
  • Caprice d’ambiances (13 Rue du Général Michel): this bar a bit out of the city center but totally worth a visit for its baroque and romantic atmosphere with its red velvet chairs, chandeliers and kitsch decor.


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  1. Les Hollandaises /

    On place chanoines descamps you find a small snack corner called cat’s corner that has very friendly service and a great taste for almost no money at all! a real number one for young travellers and people who just don’t like all the decadency namur has to offer.

    • Celine Delacharlerie /

      Thank you for your comment ! Exactly, the Cat’s Corner is a MUST when visiting Namur :-)

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