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  • Perth, Australie

  • Coral Bay

  • Les dauphins à Monkey Mia

  • Fremantle, Australie

  • Les Pinnacles

  • Karijini national park

  • Les stromalites

  • Turquoise Bay

  • Karijini National Park

  • Amazing snorkeling in Coral Bay

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The west coast of Australia is much less touristy than the east coast because it is more isolated and has an arid and aggressive climate. Western Australia is actually the most arid state of the most arid, driest, hottest and most dehydrated country in the world. Its capital city, Perth is the most isolated capital in the world, with 8000 km salt water westward and 2700 km of arid land eastward. Most Australians are never gone there. The route I suggest will drive you along the coast to enjoy the almost deserted beaches with white sand and turquoise water, but also through the outback.

Highlights of the route on the western coast of Australia

Fremantle and Perth

Fremantle is a small town south of Perth, which looks a bit like Disneyworld with colorful Victorian style buildings built during the period of the gold rush and a very relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to browse the sores cafes, craft shops , old record stores or second-hand bookshops !

The Pinnacles Desert and stromalitEs

The Pinnacles in Namburg National Park, offers an exceptional view . Thousands of stones up to 3.5 meters high with various forms stand randomly on a desert of orange sand. These stones formed in the earth 500,000 years ago are a mystery to scientists. Almost all geological aspects of their formation are controversial.

If you are interested in science, stop at Lake Thetis to see the stromatolites which hosted the first organic structures appeared on earth. You will also find some of them a little farther away on your way to Shark Bay. I have to tell you, it’s not at all impressive and you might be very disappointed but it can be interesting to see :-) Indeed, stromatolites are visible today as they were more than 3 billion years ago. They are very important as they helped to increase the level of oxygen enough to allow the development of more complex organisms, like you and me. And there is only another area where they can be observed, it’s on a coral reef in the Bahamas which is almost inaccessible. “It is truly a journey back in time and if our world appreciated the true wonders of nature, these stromatolites would be as famous as the pyramids of Egypt” said Richard Fortey, a British scientist.

Geraldton and the invasion of flies

Geraldton is the only city with more than a crossroads with traffic lights and even a McDonalds on 1000 km. The beach is lovely. Take the opportunity to make a BBQ along the beach! The area was also the scene of one of the largest massacres of white Australian history, and the landing of the first white Australians. You can visit a museum that traces its history.

It is also the first station where you will see these harmless animals but which will literally ruin your trip… Australian flies. A scourge ! At each step laid out, expect to be attacked by a cloud of tireless flies that make you shake your arms in all directions until exhaustion.

Monkey Mia and Coral Bay

Monkey Mia is a popular tourist center for its dolphins coming every day to entertain tourists. Arrive early in the morning, this will allow you to interact with dolphins on an almost deserted beach before the invasion of tourists. Nearby, in Shark Bay, there is a beach made ??of tiny white shells, Shell Beach. It is absolutely beautiful !

Relax on the idyllic beaches of Coral Bay and Turquoise Bay, near Exmouth , classified by UNESCO as world heritage, thanks to the coral reef within swimming distance from the shore : it’s the best place to experience great snorkeling. Turtles , dolphins, mantas rays, whales, dugangs, sharks, over 500 species of fish, many of which are endangered and can not be found anywhere else. Moreover, the water is completely transparent and the white sand beaches are almost deserted. A real paradise !

Karijini National Park and Outback

Go in the Outback, for example to go to Karijini National Park, a park lost in the desert with its magnificent gorges and waterfalls without a single tourist in sight. Few Australians have ventured into the Outback. The Outback is a ruthless world where it is better to avoid getting lost or running out of fuel and water. Many explorers and even unprepared tourists died. This is not the case of Ernest Giles, who had eaten alive a baby wallaby to get out alive. For miles, there are only small stunted shrubs and dry land covered with red dust, all under indescribable heat. From time to time, you come with pleasure on a “roadhouse” , a gas station , or even a secluded middle of nowhere tap. There are also names of sites as disturbing as Mount Hopeless or Useless Loop…

Suggestion: go to Perth by Kalgorlie or climb higher to the Kimberley !

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